Our team has vast and quality exposure in various business verticals with the balanced mix of business management, technology, project‐engineering & execution and techno‐ commercial aspects. This enables us to undertake various project activities briefly enlisted below:

a.      Solar Energy–Power Plant & Manufacturing

  • Executive management services
    • Project assessment and feasibility analysis on the basis of Techno‐economical study
    • Detailed Project Reports with financials
    • Project Engineering & Management Consultancy
    • Owner’s Engineer function
    • Procurement, Contracting/agreements and project scheduling
    • Services and solutions for EPC function
    • Setting‐up Power plants–Grid connected and off‐grid solutions
    • Setting‐up of Manufacturing facilities for solar cells, modules & related products
    • Business consulting in setting‐up business around solar energy space
    • Consulting Services in related business/projects

b.      IT & Software–Modular Software Development & IT Solutions

  • Development of customized and modular software for niche applications
    • IT services and solutions for SMEs
    • Development of mobile applications
    • Educational software and training

c. Telecom–Professional Consulting & Manufacturing

  • Project Management and execution
  • Setting‐up of manufacturing facilities and business operations
  • Professional Consulting services

Solar Project Experience

We have successfully completed multiple projects in various capacities.

  • Professional Experience and achievements in the relevant area of Solar
  • Engineering & Design of Solar Power Plants (SPP)
    • SPP Project planning and execution
    • Vendor development & contracting
    • Project execution & management
    • Technology evaluation and analysis
    • Setting‐up of Manufacturing plants for SPV modules and Solar Cells
    • Technology collaboration and tie‐ups
    • Operation and Maintenance of SPP & Manufacturing facilities
    • Comprehensive consulting for EPC assignments
    • TEV Study and evaluation for International consulting organizations and financial institution of global repute
  • 5 MW Solar Power Plant in Solar Park Gujarat –Project is successfully completed on‐time and is evacuating power with timely payments for generation on monthly basis
  • Management consulting and advisory function on techno‐commercial aspects
    • Preparation of Project RFP and bidding process for procurement/contracting
    • Evaluation and selection of technology, suppliers/vendors & EPC contractor
  • Plant Engineering, design/SLD and layout verification and finalization
    • Assistance in procurement and contracting
    • Project Management Consulting and Coordination with different agencies such as client management and team, suppliers, vendors, EPC, government departments,
    • Project communication, reporting and follow‐ups
    • Ensuring cost effective and time efficient project completion
  • Solar cell and Module Manufacturing facilities setting‐up
    • 120MW Solar cell manufacturing facility
    • 35MW Solar cell manufacturing facility
    • Various Module manufacturing facilities
  • 3 MW Solar Power Plant Project (REC scheme) –currently in‐progress in AP. We are providing services for total activities from concept‐to‐completion. DPR submitted and Fund approval has been obtained, EPC short listing completed. The contract (EPC) is in the advanced stages of finalization
  • 1 MW Solar Power Plant Project at Noida –currently in‐progress in Noida. We are providing services for total activities from concept‐to‐completion. The project report has been submitted and approval has been obtained, EPC short listing completed.

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