1. Office with 2200 sqft area.
  2. Advanced computer systems
  3. AutoCAD and other State of the Art software’s with Licenses of full version

Scope of work for MEP Engineering covers three critical stages for projects:

  1. Master plan and phase plan with blue print for promoters prior to tendering and commencement of work at site.
    Execution support including on‐site requirement, inspections and guidance of works under progress both at site or at shop floors manufacturing, on‐site attending trouble shooting, co ordination with other consultants, clear the doubts of clients and their key personnel, assistance shall be given to promoters / client in critical equipment sourcing including techno‐commercial discussions and procurement assistance.
  • Critical support and presence during installation, erection, testing, certifying and commissioning of all electrical equipment in the project including design support for Electrical Engineering and its utilization.
  • Preparation of cost estimates based on data’s of Govt rates and market rates and arrive the total estimate

Additionally, the team undertakes following consultation services:

  1. User specific, user defined electrical consultation services of varied natures including lighting utilization design.
  • Facility up gradation: Study the present set‐up, assess the needs of Enhancement and furnish blue prints on step by step process for Enhancement of capacity with minimal obsolescence.
  • Energy audit: Study the current patterns, requirements and provide blue Prints on energy saving methods

Core we Provide


Design and details for high tension service lines including Transformers, Panel boards, Distribution system and Boards, Main Supply, Caballing and Route, Supplementary caballing and route, power and light cables details.

Low Tension services including lighting design, Distribution Phase wise Detailing for internal and external areas

Energy  Audit  including  Volumetric  Data  Computation,  Ways  and  Means  on  Energy Minimization, Saving and implementing New futuristic light /power systems and energy conservation.

Special   Luminosity   Design,   Lighting   Plan,   Distribution   for   various   Facilities   and Utilities of areas defined OR noted.

Power   Plan including Panel Controls, Distribution for Internal and External Facilities and Utilities.

Over  all  electrical  system  Capacity  design  including  standards  of  application  for  all equipment’s such as pumps, motors, hydro pneumatic system High and low electrically, operated and control operation system.

Design  and  selection  of  all  electrical  details  including  caballing  for  lifts,  elevators, escalators and capacity optimization based on user profile.

Design  and  submit  details  for  other  services  as  security  and  surveillance  system, closed circuit television based system, biometric access control and monitoring systems, and systems automization.

Landscape,  street  lighting,  plans  design  submit  and  details  for  façade  illumination, data factors and base design as per international standards.

Design  the  details  and  selection  volumetric  data  computation  for  alternative  energy requirements including captive power, DG sets, solar powered lights, fencing and hot water system, UPS and invertors based application.

Design the details of public addressable system, digital PA system, digital IP network audio system, IP intercom system, voice evacuation system, digital conference system and the following are the completed projects

In the year 2010 NRB Engineering had forayed to provide services to the robust industry of Energy and Power Generation with main forte in Solar Power, NRB Engineering is actively engaged in providing end ‐ to ‐ end services and solutions to its clientele for business strategies, business planning, project engineering/management/execution, manufacturing facility setting‐up, Procurement/Contract Management, TEV study, etc. We have team of professionals with rich experience in business planning, operations and in technology are a having domain expertise in Solar and Telecom/IT sector with a vast net work in domestic and global market place. We take up project assignments in the area of Solar Energy, Software & IT and Telecom

The essence our services, is to ensure the right business consulting to match the expectation of the client.